Rhys Hoskins’ bat slam was a hardcore thing of beauty (Video)

The Rhys Hoskins bat slam was more than just a celebration, it was a stunningly raw example of why we love postseason baseball so much. 

What did Rhys Hoskins slam harder: his bat into the turf of Citizen’s Bank Park or the pitch that Spencer Strider had just thrown him?

It’s a question Phillies fans found themselves asking each other while watching the bottom of the third inning in Game 2 of the NLDS on Friday, and no one really cared what the answer was. All that mattered was Hoskins had just homered to put the Philadelphia Phillies up 3-0 over the Atlanta Braves and produced a celebration containing such energy that it could define a postseason run.

Just watch:

The field view is even more hardcore:

That bat slam was as primal as the sound of the crowd erupting while watching it. It’s postseason energy in its rawest form, and it absolutely rules. Anyone arguing otherwise either hates baseball or is a Braves fan, and only one of those stances is understandable.

The Rhys Hokins bat slam is why we love postseason baseball

Much like Dante in Clerks, Philadelphia wasn’t even supposed to be here today. Almost everyone expected the Phillies Wild Card showdown with the St. Louis Cardinals to end their postseason, but that didn’t happen. Despite having to go on the road, Philly swept the Cardinals out of October and reduced the so-called Best Fans in Baseball to a meme.

The victory set up a series with the Atlanta Braves, another matchup that seemed like it would signal the end of the line. But once again the Phillies have proven all doubters wrong and aren’t even trying to hide the satisfaction anymore.

It’s one thing to destroy a team on the road as an underdog, it’s another to embarrass a division rival as the reward.

That’s exactly what Philadelphia is doing in the NLDS and it’s clear that the team is both enjoying it while also sending a message to the rest of baseball.

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