Ronald Acuña screwed over by umps at the All-Star Game

Even in the All-Star Game, Ronald Acuña was on the receiving end of a bad call from the umpires. The Braves star just can’t catch a break.

Acuña got a base hit in the first inning, which was quickly followed by a single to drive him in by Mookie Betts. Paul Goldschmidt homered as well to give the National League a 2-0 lead.

Unfortunately for them, the NL did not get a hit for the next seven innings. Yikes.

All-Star hitting met All-Star pitching. As tough as the lineups are, the pitchers are just as capable, with filthy stuff to match.

It doesn’t help when the umpires are making calls like this.

Excuse me, sir?

Braves: Ronald Acuña gets screwed over in All-Star Game

Acuña proved himself on the national stage (not that he needs to at this juncture). The star outfielder recorded a base hit and came around to score a run. It wasn’t a bad way to start the game.

Unfortunately, his final stat line is lacking that second base hit, which could’ve been aided had he received the benefit of the doubt from the umpire.

Some things are out of his control, though. Give Acuña credit, as even at one of his largest individual moments, he didn’t overreact. Winning a World Series kept Acuña keep matters in perspective.

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