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SEC Would Not Bold As To Just Outright Kill Payment For Order Flow

There’s more than one way to rid oneself of something that’s bothering you. In this week of mawkish monarchist melancholy, we turn to that august and totally necessary institution, the British royal family, for instruction. When faced with one holding a better claim to the crown you covet, you could rid yourself of it quickly by having him smothered to death in his sleep, as Richard III (allegedly) did. But then you’re liable to be remembered as one of history’s great monsters. Or you could take the approach of Henry IV vis-à-vis the wicked and unlamented except by weirdos Richard III’s namesake, Richard II, and have him locked up and starved to death so that you can’t be said to have killed him, and enjoy credit for stabilizing the monarchy and giving a good kicking to the Welsh.

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