Siri predicting Guardians win before game’s first inning even ended

Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, predicted the Guardians would take a 2-0 series lead over the Tampa Bay Rays.

The MLB’s decision to make the Wild Card portion of the MLB postseason best-of-5 adds a new layer of intensity and excitement, and with it, more opportunities for error in the opening games since teams can bounce back.

We love early afternoon playoff baseball, but it has a lot of fans turning to their smartphone’s virtual assistant to check first pitch times.

One Guardians fan on Reddit asked what time the Rays/Guardians game was before first pitch of Game 2 and Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, replied saying that the Guardians were already up 2-0 before Game 2 had even started.

Here’s specifically what Siri had to say:

“The Guardians face the Rays in game 2 of the Wild Card at 12:07. The Guardians lead the series, 2-0.”

Obviously, it’s just an error, but Guardians fans are going to cling to any sort of sign that they can take this series. Though they’re a No. 3 seed and Tampa Bay is a No. 6, the Guardians feel like the field’s underdog.

Cleveland Guardians are a true underdog this season

The Guardians are a lot of fun. Manager Terry Francona has managed this team well, and a youthful team led by Jose Ramirez and Amed Rosario has just been good vibes all around. They also have a rookie in Steven Kwan who would be a front-runner for Rookie of the Year in most years, if not for Julio Rodriguez this year.

The Guardians spent under $1 million per win in team payroll this year, much lower than other teams in the league. The Rays are second-lowest in cost per win, which makes this series the battle of the economical spenders.

Cleveland Guardians payroll per win

Payroll cost per win for MLB teams in 2022

As of publication, the game is already underway with no score.

Who knows, maybe Siri knows something we don’t?

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