Survey Your Employees to Determine Tech Needs


    survey tech needs

    In the February issue of Hardware Retailing, retailers shared their insights on how they assess their technology needs, find technology solutions and implement those programs in their operations. One way leadership can determine if technology is a good fit or the types of tech they might need is by creating a survey for employees to ask for their insights on the operation’s tech needs.

    Here are some questions you can include in a survey for employees to gauge your tech needs

    1. What are the three biggest pain points in your specific role?
    2. Are you aware of any technologies that you think would make your job easier?
    3. What technologies have you seen in use outside our operation that might be a good fit here? 
    4. Are there any tasks you are doing manually more than 2 or 3 times a week?
    5. Have customers mentioned any technologies they would like to see in our operation?
    6. How are you currently utilizing [specific technology]?
    7. How has the technology you currently use help you be more efficient at your job?

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