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The Black Student’s Guide To Law Schools & Firms Is Up To Date And Right On Time!

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‘It’s like a hornbook for success’ – Her, probably

There are more reasons than Breyer’s recent career change to pay attention to law schools. Who is teaching you? Which schools does your firm feed? Did Amy Wax get fired yet? While that one is in the works, this guide is here to help future lawyers of color answer questions like:

  • Which Biglaw firm has the highest percentage of Black attorneys? (It’s Cravath.)
  • What is the HBCU Pre-Law Expo and why should I be interested? (Check page 10.)
  • What are the top 65 Law Schools for Black Students? ( Take note of where my legal alma mater is on the list.)

That said, it is not all roses. The data shows that:

The choice of if you’d like to be a forerunner and break in to one of the firms that is ignoring diverse candidates or would rather spend time at a place where you’re more welcome is up to you, but I’d rather that your decision be an educated one. Ranging from personal experiences on what it was like to make it through a top-tier law school during the pandemic (see page 44) or hearing explanations on why firms fail to find Black talent from someone in the know (see page 67 for more details), the compilation is a godsend for folks who are first-generation lawyers, looking for grants (page 37), and firms that would like to get their feet wet on matters of equity and inclusion. You have to be somewhere in that list.

So get to reading! Let us know the parts that stick out the most to you.

Black Student’s Guide To Law Schools & Firms [Lawyers Of]

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