The definite case for bathroom singers

singing in the shower

The world has long known about the benefits that singing entails and in more than just the melodies of it. The world also has side by side explored the peculiarly exciting prospect that the particular phenomenon of bathroom singing tends to be. Often attributed and mostly in rather accuracy as well to lesser privileged folks who do not quite possess the vocal prowess- forget the range and throw and whatnots of what it takes to come across as not noisy in their singing at least, if not somewhat pleasant even, this is a happening of much universality that occurs also in as definite frequency of what it is.

But turns out that bathroom singing isn’t just a way for the non- singers of the world to seek solace in their own space of extensive privacy (hopefully!) of the bathroom but in fact is very much resident also in the comforts of what ‘real’ singing brings upon one. That is to say, bathroom singing tends also to be quite beneficial to overall health and mood of the ‘singer’ even when it might not be actually the most mood uplifting strike of the chords and the notes that singing is known to be.

In fact, the very origins of bathroom singing stem of a tune resonating first with the benefits of them and only later the melody of it. Of course the exact range of time since when bathroom singing has been a ‘thing’ is undefinable in definiteness. But even in the very first encounter of it in history along the pages of the Arab scholar Ibn Khaldun’s 1377 book titled Muqaddimah, singing in the bath emerges as an exercise developed out of the joy that bathers derived in inhaling the hot air of it, so enjoyable indeed that they took to singing perhaps!

It though is not all benefits, no buzz that has made bathroom singing so popularly enjoyable a something that daredevils of the bath go all in for. And with most of us being unaware even about the benefits stemming from the act of singing over and above its soulful and/ or rejuvenating musical notations, it only is logical a knowledge that singing in the bathroom makes us sound surprisingly good which is why most of us have got attuned to doing it in the first place.

The bathroom happens to be a naturally acoustic setting- or not so much natural perhaps given that it is engineered and designed by us humans but to the extent that our sanctuary of cleaning empathetically demands such provisions for itself to attend however to its purpose in eventual serving, this is at least not the autotunal setting widely scorned at by true musicians and the masses alike. Resident along the smooth essence of the hard surface that baths harbour within their generally small dimension along the length and breadth of the walls and the shine and compactness of its tiles is its many an innate qualities in echoing and reverberating and resonating and not absorbing which is what lends itself as the perfect ‘stage’ indeed for the singing sensibilities to flow in full power. The sounds we make stretch out as well since they are bouncing around before hitting the ears so that our voice impresses indeed with its richer and fuller and deeper assertion, making us thus conjure many a fancies of belting out our exemplary renditions for the world to sway to or soak in as well though only as a dream heartbreakingly short lived and seldom realised for sure.

That sounds like benefit enough for bathroom singing to be pursued and persist as so common a something that we derive pleasure in. And the joy of pleasure being the ultimate elixir in pouring out fulfilment into existences, bathroom singing is definitely therapy almost for the human. It also is the assured prospect in sounding surprisingly good that does bathroom singing a whole lot of favor in granting importance, playing as it does upon the confidence of the self. With our vocals asserting as reasonably pleasant, we find within ourselves a certain worth of being sufficiently well equipped in the pleasurable pursuits of the world. That, added to the oxytocin high that singing as an activity generally lends ensures that we emerge out of our bathrooms happier, cleaner and more musically inspired than what we had entered it as.

Cleaning itself is a cathartic experience and the equally cathartic act in singing only doubly ensures that our shower time happens to be one immensely ‘productive’ and in such capacity that we are more in need of. Taking a shower happens to be a very personal affair and at times the only ‘me time’ one gets to enjoy in their schedule of a busy life. This exercise in washing away the exhaustion of the body can sure do with some feel good and sound good reception of the musical kind, draining away the stress of the day and the worries of life with even some freshly regained self esteem even amping the overall experience in relaxation. So the next time you step into the shower after a day long deal with fatigue, just remember to appease your audience of shampoo bottles and soap cases with some music and just feel the applause getting to you for sure!

Singing in the bathroom entails obviously all the benefits of ‘regular’ singing but the efficiency of some of these impacts tend to be exemplified in the more private case. Breathing is something that singing is known to considerably better in it being an aerobic exercise but the effects of this benefit is better pronounced when one opts for their personal singing shower. Because bathing is relaxing in itself and the very premise of a bath is made up by water flowing over the body, our breathing improves even further with a singing session to account for.

We normally breather a little deeper than usual when under the shower, what with all those effects of the water having us gasp every now and then but sufficiently only to not leave us uncomfortable and alarmed. The simultaneous flow of the musical mood acts upon this deeper breathing occurrence to further increase the oxygen supply in our body’s blood that helps with circulation and that in turn helps with the energy level and health quotient of our physical self. With breathing therapy and hydrotherapy overlapping in this assertion of what is bathroom singing indeed, this really is one of the most relaxingly beneficial exercises that one can and does indeed perform.

Singing in the shower also happens to be an act of not so much ridicule as it might be ‘maligned’ as, in its reference to us not really melodious crooners but it is this very essence of its being- or rather one out of which it emerges, the bathroom indeed that makes it in fact just the perfect place to thrust the vocals. A safe space guarding our privacy, that has us shedding inhibitions of both body and mind, our baths provide us with an environment conducive in doing whatever our heart desires, singing included, washing us over with thus a very profound realisation in warmth and comfort and peace that further reinstates the relaxing properties in both bathing and singing.

A more specific benefit to bathroom singing accrues to the elderly proponents of this art for whom such respiratory exercises hold particular significance specifically when carried out in the confines of a closed space. And what better place than that under the shower harbouring of so much magic to sing one’s heart out for a life long and energetic and truly lived while dancing to its own melodies? Considering also the fact that humans in general naturally get less inclined to sing as they age, the bathroom can be a good enough place for reclaiming one’s voice to perform for the sake of themselves at least.

Singing of course is fun as well, regardless of age and gender and any norms whatsoever. And to indulge in singing simply for this aspect of its heartiness, many times quite spontaneously as well while in the shower as a habit of sorts speaks of a ritual in self care and self expression that which in itself is both the way to and the source of happiness. Boosting of moods for sure, singing combined with the water therapy that baths essentially are, in varied temperatures and force of their splashing upon the body also makes bathroom singing an effective mode in being truly awake and alert and sprightly specially when practised as a ritual marking the start of the day.

Another benefit of the more musical kind also can be attributed to bathroom singing. That relies on the potential nestled in the physical premises of the bath which makes you sound better and feel better and therefore is what prods you on in the first place. Showers address also the greater intricacies of singing in what it actually is, that is to say in the technique of what it is that music calls for in its properness. With greater clarity in hearing while singing in the bath, one gets to accurately identify the areas where they are not sufficiently delivering. This in turn helps bettering your awareness of your singing as well as provides the scope for bettering those shortcomings so that one emerges to be a more melodious singer.

No wonder bathroom singing is not just an indulgence for the non singers. Even very good singers make use of this personal space to consistently better themselves in their craft and drawing interestingly from such factors of the echoed occurrence that is so natural a characteristic of the bathroom setting everywhere. Another reason why the shower can be the best place to practice, of course all by your own, is one rooted in its essence of being a moisture laden zone. The steam of a hot shower prevents the throat from drying out which means that your singing session can go on and on and on without the risk of straining it unnecessarily.

Singing in the shower might occur as a case in submitting to the judgement made by the world, a pursuit of music taken to in trying to evade the jeers and mockeries of others and preventing excessive self consciousness from setting in to disheartening effect. But bathroom singing can be quite liberating an experience as well, one that embodies freedom from the pressures to perform rather than to actually and really sing, no matter whether you are much of a singer or not.

With no one to hurl abuses or hail the act, singing is the bathroom is something we do solely for ourselves in all enthusiasm and in all our soul and spirit. That might explain why we also sound so much better in the bath even with the acoustic doing its magic because it occurs as something we truly enjoy. In the same tune, singing alone or specifically in the guarded privacy of the bath also rids one free from the pricking need of having to sound good, engaging therefore in such not excessively pursued a consciousness which makes it easier to make mistakes for one’s own self to seek out and correct. Singing is the therapy and the bathroom is the spa that one can afford the luxury of as often as they decide which is what makes bathroom singing the holy grail indeed of all euphoric drenching in the magical medleys of the musical.

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