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These Biglaw Bonuses Are For The Birds!


Goldfinch Bird Cartoon Character With Money BagFor folks at Alston & Bird! See what we did there? The bonuses actually match the market, but “Bird” is in the firm’s name so we playfully wrote “for the birds!” making it sound like they’re bad, but they aren’t. Oh, we are so self-satisfied with our little bonus stories.


There’s not much more to be said about Biglaw bonuses that match the market. At this point it’s just a temperature check to make sure the firm is not sitting on a layoff announcement. And even that may not be true anymore because Goodwin just laid people off and then issued solid bonuses anyway.

So here’s where Alston & Bird landed for associates meeting the 2000-hour billable minimum.

Class Bonus
Class of 2022 $15K
Class of 2021 $20K
Class of 2020 $30K
Class of 2019 $57.5K
Class of 2018 $75K
Class of 2017 $90K
Class of 2016 $105K
Class of 2015+ $115K

The firm also approved a 10% surbonus for those topping 2200 hours and 20% more for those over 2400 hours.

Bonuses will be paid out in March, so anyone eyeing a lateral move is stuck there until then… which could well rob them of a quarter of their 2023 bonus at a future home. Golden handcuffs and all that.

In any event, congratulations!

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