This definitively needs to be Lee Corso’s last year with College GameDay

The legendary Lee Corso missed College GameDay in Week 9 due to health issues, further solidifying that this should be his last season on the show.

Whether it’s the headgear picks, his belly-laugh-inducing off-the-cuff remarks, or the iconic “Not so fast” comments, few people have been as integral to college football fandom at large as Lee Corso as a member of ESPN’s College GameDay crew. He’s been a fabric of the college football culture with fans starting their Saturdays with him featured on the soundtrack.

But on Saturday in Week 9 with GameDayChris Vannini of The Athletic in attendance for the huge HBCU rivalry game between Jackson State and Southern, Corso did not make the trip and was not part of the show. reported that it was due to a “health issue” but that Corso was in good spirits and hoped to return soon.

This, however, marks the third time this season that Corso has been unable to make it to the show this season. Moreover, fans were highly concerned about his health during Week 0 as he appeared on the pregame coverage for Nebraska vs Northwestern in Ireland remotely.

And all of this is painting a clear picture.

Lee Corso needs to ride off into the sunset after this season on College GameDay

No one wants Lee Corso to be gone from College GameDay. He’s an absolute icon of the sport and his presence on the show is unmatched and, frankly, his shadow will always loom large whenever he does leave.

While that may be true, though, fans more than anything want the best for Corso. At 87 years old, health issues are going to be almost inevitable, especially when asking him to travel all over the country on a weekly basis. And it’s hard to think that he might not be healthier and less taxed if he were no longer on the show.

GameDay has clearly already started planning for the show after Corso does retire with the addition of Pat McAfree, another colorful and boisterous presence on the crew, this season. The truth of the matter, though, is that it’s painful to see Corso clearly straining himself to be part of this show, missing weeks and, in some instances, just not appearing the same when he is on the set.

This is no disrespect to Lee Corso. In fact, it’s the opposite. But looking at the entirety of this season to this point, it’s becoming more apparent that this should be his last with College GameDay. It’s no longer fair to ask him to essentially persevere this schedule throughout a college football season given his age and sporadic health issues that he’s dealt with thus far.

One thing that is certain, though, is that Lee Corso will get a hero’s farewell from college football fans at the end of this season or whenever he indeed does make the decision to retire from his role.

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