Top 10 free agents and where they’ll sign

MLB Power Rankings

MLB Power Rankings Mandatory Credit: Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

In this week’s MLB Power Rankings, we take a look at the top 10 MLB free agents this offseason and where they will sign.

Free agency has now taken priority for most teams. Before it officially begins, it’s time to look at the current MLB Power Rankings of the top 10 free agents this coming winter.

The ranking of these ten takes into account their performance in 2022, what we can expect from them in 2023, and the far more subjective star power.

Several of the players on this list are expected to opt out of their current contracts and are a safe bet to depart or re-sign with their current club. First, let’s look at some important dates in regards to free agency.

When does MLB free agency begin?

MLB free agency officially starts the day after the conclusion of the World Series. Because there is no telling if the World Series will go four games or seven or even include some rescheduled games due to poor weather, no exact date has yet to be set.

One important note about MLB free agency is that players cannot sign with a new team until five days after the World Series is over. Players rarely do sign immediately in early November. A key date in December is when things move along more quickly.

When are the MLB Winter Meetings in 2022?

The 2022 MLB Winter Meetings will take place from December 4-11 in San Diego. A warm weather city with a very good team in 2022, it’s an ideal place for MLB free agency to get even busier.

The MLB Winter Meetings are supposed to bring executives, agents, and maybe even a few players all together for a week in the offseason. While it’s not always the most active time of the offseason, it’s an important period to keep in mind.

As far as this offseason goes, it’s these ten MLB free agents a lot of people will be keeping a close eye on. Let’s predict where the top ten will end up.

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