Tyreek Hill is starting to sell Tua Tagovailoa’s as better than Patrick Mahomes

Tyreek Hill made it abundantly clear that new Miami Dolphins teammate Tua Tagovailoa throws a more accurate football than his former Kansas City Chiefs teammate Patrick Mahomes; he is not wrong either.

During an episode of his new podcast, It Needed To Be Said, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill hit Kansas City Chiefs fans where it hurts by saying he prefers Tua Tagovailoa’s accuracy over Patrick Mahomes’.

Chiefs Kingdom may be falling to pieces over this comment, but sometimes, the truth hurts. To be totally transparent, Mahomes is and always will be the better overall passer, but keep in mind what Tagovailoa’s two greatest strengths are as a quarterback: Accuracy and how he conducts himself at the podium. Mahomes’ accuracy is only a tick off what Tagovailoa normally registers at.

Here is Hill saying what had to be said to podcast partner Julius Collins about this dirty little secret.

Tyreek Hill: Tua Tagovailoa is a more accurate passer than Patrick Mahomes

Hill’s comments were all about where he prefers to receive the football: Right in the breadbasket. Tagovailoa has plenty of faults as an NFL quarterback, but he throws a beautiful spiral and can usually put it exactly where he wants to. Mahomes crushes him in most other quarterbacking attributes, which is why he is a future hall of famer and Tagovailoa could become a failed starter.

To back up Hill’s claim, Tagovailoa was a more accurate passer than Mahomes last year (67.8 to 66.3 percent) and ever so slightly better in their NFL careers (66.2 to 66.1 percent). If we want to take that a step further, Tagovailoa blew Mahomes out of the water in college. He left Alabama averaging a 69.3-percent clip, while Mahomes was only a 63.5-percent passer at Texas Tech.

On the basis of strictly accuracy, Hill is 100 percent correct in saying Tagovailoa is better than Mahomes. Too bad football games are not won and lost based entirely on accuracy. It is based on grit, mental toughness and all sorts of other intangibles, not to mention arm talent, mobility and durability. Tagovailoa can become a fine quarterback, but Mahomes is an all-time passing talent.

Hill is the type of player who can make this statistic even more noticeable with his Dolphins play.

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