Urban Meyer hates the lack of loyalty in college football: Oh, the irony…

Urban Meyer is the last person who needs to discuss the lack of loyalty in college football.

When it comes to college football, Urban Meyer is pretty much the antithesis of loyalty.

While he is returning to the set of FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff after being the worst head coach in NFL history, the former Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, Ohio State and Jacksonville Jaguars head coach had some things to say about the lack of loyalty in college sports on the debut podcast of Urban’s Take on Wednesday. We have ventured into Russell Westbrook territory of lacking self-awareness.

Here is Meyer lamenting on USC and UCLA bolting for the Big Ten and leaving the Pac-12 behind.

“I don’t know what the future holds,” said Meyer opining on the end of innocence of college football. “That was a little shocking. There is no loyalty, this is all fight for yourself, and I get it. Money makes the world go round, and right now, that’s what’s driving all these decisions.”

While anyone hates to see the potential end of the Pac-12 as we know it, that conference died five years ago. It makes sense financially for big brands like USC and UCLA to link up with the most profitable college football conference to ever exist. However, who is Meyer to be the judge of one’s character and loyalty? He notably job-hopped and left his previous places of employment in ruins.

Here is the debut episode on YouTube of Urban’s Take with Tim May where he touches on loyalty.

Urban Meyer harps on college football’s lack of loyalty with zero self-awareness

Look. We all understand why Meyer is back with FOX. He is both incredibly good as a college football analyst and is a highly controversial person. That is right in FOX’s wheelhouse when it comes to television production. They make sports feel big, and there are few analysts who move the needle quite like Meyer does. However, does FOX really want to wear the black hat over this?

As long as his Big Noon Kickoff teammates are cool with him on set, it is fine. However, it is going to be impossible to listen to him blabber atop his faulty moral high horse about things like loyalty, building a good culture and being on the up-and-up, in general. There is a plane full of Jaguars who can tell you what he is all about. There is also that photograph from a Columbus chophouse…

While Utah and Ohio State were just dandy after he left, Florida has not been the same since his first abrupt retirement. It seems impossible, but he actually made the utterly toothless Jaguars situation worse. And we thought the second Tom Coughlin era was bad… Ultimately, Meyer will give his opinions on college football, regardless of if anybody actually wants to listen to him talk.

It is hard to opine on college football loyalty when it has been nothing short of a cash grab for you.

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