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WhatsApp Is Free… Until It Isn’t

John Cryan didn’t get many things right as CEO of Deutsche Bank, but he knew one thing for sure: This WhatsApp thingamajig was trouble. Only problem was, it was trouble because (a) it was so damned easy to use (especially for nefarious purposes), (b) it was so damned hard to track and (c) that made it violate essentially every record-keeping requirement on the books.

Oh, Cryan tried, imploring his underlings to use the app only on a traceable platform that no one uses. But, like just about everything else from the Cryan era (and, to be fair, at Deutsche Bank generally), it didn’t work. And, in further fairness, it didn’t work for the much-better-run JPMorgan Chase, either. Or, you know, for anyone else.

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