Who performed the first Super Bowl Halftime Show?


    Who performed the first Super Bowl Halftime Show? 

    You might not get excited about the Super Bowl Halftime show from 1967 like you will for 2023, but it’s historic nonetheless.

    The first Super Bowl Halftime Show took place in 1967 and was performed by the University of Arizona Symphonic Marching Band, the Grambling State University Marching Band, trumpeter Al Hirt and the Anaheim High School Ana-Hi-Steppers Drill Team and Flag Girls. According to NBC, the performance included “300 pigeons and a Bell Rocket Air Men jetpack demonstration.”

    The first show occurred during the Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs game, the Packers one 35 to 10.

    That’s a far cry from what we see nowadays.

    Some highlights from Super Bowl Halftime Shows since include a duo performance with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, a controversial Janet Jackson nip slip alongside Justin Timberlake, and standalone performances from Beyonce, Madonna, and Katy Perry to name a few.

    Originally, the halftime shows “valued instruments and simplicity rather than performance art,” NBC reported. Wow, have the times changed. Now, the show is sometimes even bigger than the game.



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