Yordan Alvarez gave fan who caught his home run an amazing birthday present

Yordan Alvarez gave rewarded the fan that caught his historic Game 2 ALDS home run ball.

Yordan Alvarez is on top of the baseball world right now. His consecutive go-ahead homers in Games 1 and 2 of the ALDS for the Houston Astros against the Seattle Mariners were historic.

Alvarez is also just being a generally cool dude in light of the epic display of talent, which you have to love as a fan.

Much has been made this year — between Albert Pujols’ 700th home run ball and Aaron Judge’s 61st and 62nd home runs — of fans catching home run balls and what they decide to do with them after.

Well, the fan that caught Alvarez’s arguably historic walk-off game ball in Game 1 didn’t want anything to do with the monetary hype of the ball… He offered to give it to Alvarez, no questions asked.

Now that’s a true fan.

Alvarez, though, denied reception of the ball when he learned that it was the fan’s birthday. Through an interpreter, Alvarez said, “what better gift than for him to be able to keep the ball.”

He got to meet Alvarez, who signed the ball and a jersey for Dillon, too:

Yordan Alvarez is a cool baseball player but even cooler dude

I mean, come on. They don’t make guys like Alvarez. You’re not supposed to be able to do what he’s done in the playoffs this year and also be a stand-up human being. It just doesn’t compute!

In seriousness, this is what it’s all about. Pro sports are awesome, and the moments like this that we get out of them are heartwarming.

At this pace, though, the value of a Yordan Alvarez playoff home run ball is going to plummet if he saturates the market with one per game.

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